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Carl Dusu is a self-taught independent artist and multidisciplinary designer, based in London, UK. Born in London and raised in London & Accra(Ghana), Carl draws inspiration from a well of memories and experiences. About his art, Carl deals with a range of subject topics with a primary focus on portraiture. Using a range of media from acrylic paint to collaging, he delves into subject areas of humanhood, life experiences, and challenging societal norms. 

"I always aim to form a relationship between myself as the artist and the viewer through my work. It forms because of relatability, familiarity, and knowing. Regardless of age, race, gender or experience; somewhere, somehow people can relate to my art, my stories & experiences." 

Having nurtured an interest and passion for all things art and design from an early age, Carl obtained a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Architecture. It is the ability to think, create & materialize his creations that continue to fascinate and drive him further. As an artist and as a designer, Carl uses the power of storytelling. Telling his story and that of others, known and unknown, through the language that is art. 


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